Registering a Death 

We hope that this section will answer all of your questions but if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When should you register a death?

When you are ready and at a convenient time for you during our opening hours.

If you are visiting the branch you can notify us over the counter, or you may request to see a Supervisor in our interview room. Alternatively, you can notify us through the post, enclosing the Death Certificate together with a covering letter.

What do we need from you – the informant/executor?

When registering a death of one of our customers we will firstly require sight of the Death Certificate. This can either be the original document or a certified copy. We will update our records on the day when we receive the Death Certificate and the document will be returned to you either in branch or through the post.

We will write a letter to the informant or executor dealing with the estate confirming the value of the account(s) held in the deceased’s name. Therefore we will require a form of identification from the person we will be writing to in accordance with our Identification Requirements leaflet.

Please note we do not require sight of the Last Will and Testament.

Can you make withdrawals from the account as the executor?

Withdrawals are strictly limited to Funeral Costs and Inheritance Tax Bill payments only. An invoice must be provided and the passbook presented for withdrawal, together with signed instructions from the executor.

What do we require for the account(s) to be closed?

If the value of the account(s) in the deceased’s name exceeds £5,000, you will need to apply for Probate and present this to us.

If the value of the account(s) in the deceased’s name is below £5,000, the account(s) can be closed by Form of Claim, which will need to be certified by a solicitor.

Each executor will be required to provide identification in accordance with our Identification Requirements leaflet. If an executor is an existing member of the Society with an active account we will not usually request further identification.

The passbook(s) will be required, or if this has been misplaced, a lost passbook form signed by the executor(s).

Joint accounts

If you hold a joint account with a member who has died, we will be able to accept your closure/transfer instructions once the Death Certificate has been presented to us. You will not normally need to provide identification if the account is active.


If you have approached a solicitor about dealing with the estate of the deceased, you will not normally have to contact us or provide us with identification. However, if you have any queries we will do our best to answer them for you.

Tax Certificates (S975s)

A tax certificate will be printed and sent to the executor/solicitor one working day after the account has been closed.