Charity Accounts

Our Holmesdale Building Society charity account is operated with a passbook.

Key Product Information

Opening an account

To open an account we need the following: 

  • the funds, e.g. a cheque drawn on a UK bank account made payable to your organisation, cash or bank transfer 
  • a completed Charity Account Application Form 
  • official documentation in respect of the charity (refer to the section ‘What We Need’ below) 
  • proof of identity and residency for all signatories 
What we need

In addition to a completed Charity Account Application Form, we will need you to provide us with the following: 

  • Charity account questionnaire
  • The Constitution of the Charity 
  • Charity Registration Number and, if incorporated, company registration number 
  • A written authority signed by all officials/trustees approving the opening of the account with the Holmesdale Building Society 
  • Evidence of a bank/building society account held with another financial institution (if there is one) 
Identification Requirements

By law we are required to confirm the name and address of each signatory on the account. 

Existing Members 

If you are an existing member of the Society, you will not usually have to show further proof of your identity if your details match our records and we can verify your signature. 


If you are not already a member of the Society, you will be asked for up to two forms of identification from the Preferred Identification list (below). However, for postal applications please forward two items from the list for each signatory to ensure your application is not delayed. 


Important Information

The Society may seek information from one or more credit reference agencies as detailed in the section headed Data Protection of the application form. The results of this electronic check will determine the paper identification requirements that follow. 

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