Corporate Social Responsibility

At The Holmesdale, we are committed to conducting our business in an ethical manner, with consideration for our staff, members, local community and the environment. To this end, we have drawn up the following Corporate Social Responsibility policy, stating our aims and commitments.

To our Members
We are committed to remaining a mutual building society, owned and run for the benefit of our members with the objective of providing excellent customer service.  We aim to offer a range of products and services relevant to our members’ needs and ensure we treat our members fairly by being clear, open and honest in our dealings and communications.

To our staff
We seek to provide a safe, accessible working environment for our staff and recognise the contribution they make and the role they play in our success.

To the local community
We are aware of our place in the local community and like to support local businesses. We support local initiatives through sponsorship and funding via our Holmesdale in the Community scheme and our staff regularly take part in charity fundraising events. Click here for more information about our community funding scheme.

To the wider UK community
We aim to maintain the Society’s values of being local, secure, reliable, competitive, personal and individually focused. We are committed to paying our Corporation Tax and other taxes in a timely manner, to ensure we contribute to the wider UK community. We consider the environment and endeavour to minimise our impact on it.